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Peggy Backup, Ukiah

When the sale of my home finalized, the first person I contacted was Jim Apperson. I wanted to make it energy efficient. First he evaluated its performance and suggested several options prioritized by payback period. He also referred me to reputable contractors for the work his firm doesn't perform. For some items I chose my own contractors. He accommodated my working on those parts of the job I could do myself. Jim coached me on being the general contractor, a job that was new for me. I ended up with a home whose energy systems are integrated and efficient. There was a huge difference between the pre- and post-project blower door test. This means my house has very low air leakage. However I have good air quality due to the ventilation system installed before it became obvious it would be needed. In addition to being knowledgeable about energy and easy to work with, Jim is an expert on qualifying for rebates. I have already received most of my rebate checks. Fortunately I didn't have to fill out the paperwork. Thank you, Jim!