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Redwood Complex & Tubbs Fire

Removal and replacement services available

Please contact us to schedule a site visit to determine how we can best serve your needs.

Local and licensed for over 30 years.  Ready to help our neighbors and friends.


About Smart Energy Resources System

OpenDEM is a Cloud-Based Software used to manage the different Energy Resources at a time and anywhere, can automate as we need it is Opensource, predicts the future usage of the Energy depends on present usage, control the wastage of the Energy, check out the website for more information, thank you.

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Your thoughts are clearly written. You have the talent to be a source of inspiration for others. I know that you have overcome a lot of problems in the past like all of us. If there is someone I really turn to when I need help at most, it is the Lord Almighty. I know things can be really tough and rough at times, but I get a consolation that all my prayers are answered ultimately. I just hope all of us cling to the fact that we are ultimately taken care of by Him who has control of everything.

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