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Insulation Removal

Replace Damaged or Deteriorating Insulation

Our Company is well versed in the art of insulation removal. People may need insulation removed from buildings for any number of reasons. Most have to do with some sort of contamination. Contrary to popular belief, insulation does not simply get old and lose its insulating power. It may react to gravity and become compressed or thinner with age, but if the insulation is not contaminated with smoke residue, rodent feces or urine, other animal leavings or water it is better to just leave the old insulation in place and install new insulation right over the old. It is a waste of money to remove undamaged insulation simply because it’s old.

Old Insulation and MoldWhen is it time to have insulation removed?

If you find your insulation contaminated from one of the aforementioned materials, or maybe you are undergoing a major remodel with the ceiling coming down, or discover you have the old style “knob & tube” wiring and need to have your home rewired, then it’s time to have it removed.

The Removal Process

We usually encounter two styles of product. If it’s fiberglass batts we simply roll them up and place them inside large trash bags and take the bags out thru the attic access or another opening. We will sometimes open up a gable end to have a better path to get the insulation out of the attic. This method makes it so we don’t have to bring any of it thru the house. If the attic has a loose fill product then things get more complicated. We have a specially built high power vacuum with an 18 hp motor and a 6” suction hose that we take into the attic space. We then also must rent one of the large size refuse bins to have a place for the exit end of the vacuum hose. The whole top of the bin must be covered with an air permeable cloth.  This is a time consuming and dirty job.

But worse yet is an attic with fiberglass batts with a loose fill blown over it. Our vacuum can’t suck up a fiberglass batt thru the 6” hose, it just clogs it up. In these cases we must go thru the attic first and pull out all the fiberglass batts by hand and when that is done we can vacuum the rest. It’s like doing the job twice.

Another thing to watch for in an attic is Vermiculite. Some has proven to have asbestos in it. If we find Vermiculate we’ll ask you get it tested and if it does contain asbestos we’ll help in setting up the abatement process and then we’ll reinsulate. Don’t try any of this at home folks, call us!