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Home Energy Audits

What is it?


 A full home energy assessment is a very useful tool. It will take one or two of our technicians about 2-3 hours at your home to gather the needed information. They will require access to every room in the house and garage (if it is attached). 

The technicians will inspect and gather data regarding your heating and cooling system, hot water system and any other electric/gas appliances such as pool pumps or spa heaters.  They will inspect your attic, walls and crawlspace for insulation.  They will also make a scale drawing of your home with all doors and windows noted and located.  Numerous photos will be taken for inclusion in the report.

Building leakage test

If your home has a central heating and/or cooling system, with air delivered to each room in a duct with registers in the floor or ceiling, they will perform a pressure test in the duct system. They may also use a piece of equipment called a “blower door” to pressurize your home to determine your air infiltration (leakiness) rate.  In addition to the testing and information gathering as described above, a CAS test will be done. This is a “Combustion Appliance Safety” test of all your gas fired appliances to make sure they are in safe operating condition and are not back drafting poisonous fumes into your home.

After the site visit

After the information is gathered and the testing complete, results are brought to our office where they are entered into a special computer program that builds a model of your home in the computer. This program has the climatic records for our climate zone and subjects your model home to those conditions for every hour of every day of a full year. Then it adds upgrades to your home and runs the full one-year exposure testing again. 

The result is a 20+ page report which we then add photos and more in-depth comments to. It also contains a list of recommended upgrades that can be installed to the home to increase the energy efficiency and safety. This energy audit also establishes eligibility for one of two current incentive programs (called EUC), and for a PG&E sponsored energy loan. The most generous of the rebate programs is titled Advance Home Upgrade. The other is called Home Upgrade and it provides a set amount of rebate based on a point system for upgrades performed, and will pay an incentive of up to $3,000. The Advanced Home Upgrade program is more generous, and works off a system of calculated savings in order to determine rebate amounts.  The official PG&E rebate limit for Advanced Home Upgrade is $6,500 however there are projects which will receive a higher rebate based on higher energy savings. Some all-electric customers can see substantially higher rebates.

For customers located in Ukiah or Healdsburg there are additional rebates available through the City.

The audit also opens the door for several energy efficiency loan programs. PG&E sponsors a loan with a maximum loan of $50,000 to cover the cost of installing eligible upgrades. The payback is 6.5% fixed rate for 15 years. In addition, the SCEIP (Sonoma County Energy Independence Program) loan is available as well as several other PACE loans (through companies like CaliforniaFirst, Hero and Ygrene) where you make the payment twice a year and the loan can be passed on to the new homeowner should you sell the home.  There is also an unsecured financing option available through REEL if preferred.  Our company works with all of these lenders to help our customers find the best financing for their project. 

After receiving your reports please read the information provided. If you would like someone to come out and go over each item of the report in person please feel free to request another site visit. Or you may email or phone any questions you may have regarding the report.

Our company is licensed by the State of California Contractor License Board and approved to not only provide you with this assessment but to also install any items on your recommended list. We will be happy to provide pricing for any upgrades you may want to consider.  


Please see our cost structure page for pricing information and scheduling.


We also offer a more “in-depth” study of just your Heating and Cooling system if you fear it is not working as designed, intended, or up to your expectations.



Contact us with any questions or to find out more about our home energy audit process; we'd be happy to chat.