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Commercial Lighting

Converting to New, High Efficiency Bulbs

Commercial is a bit different than residential lighting. It’s usually a matter of changing out the old T-12 fluorescent tubes to the newer T-8 style. The same mandate that outlawed magnetic ballast is also requiring that fluorescent tubes produce a certain “CRI” (Color Rendering Index. Since).  Hardly anyone uses the old 8’ lamps so not too many manufactures are going to be willing to pay the cost to reengineer the technology to make 8’ tubes meet the CRI specification. And the few that do will be able to price those lamps at whatever the traffic will bear. For this reason, and because the 4’ T-8 lamps last a lot longer than the 8’ lamps, we convert all 8’ fixtures we find to hold 2-4’ lamps instead of the one 8’ lamp.

Cut Your Warehouse Lighting Costs 

In addition to the fluorescent tubes, commercial establishments tend to have other types of lighting that are very expensive to run. The big “high bay” lights you see in enclosed warehouses can now be replaced with a 6 tube fluorescent fixture that gives the same amount of light. You are replacing a 400 watt high bay fixture with a 4’ fluorescent with six tubes that burns only 192 watts. That’s quite a savings. But the big bucks is in the parking lot lights. These pole and wall pack lights run at 400 to 1000 watts. They are usually metal halide or mercury vapor, or even high or low pressure sodium. We can retrofit an induction lamp and ballast into the existing fixture and reduce the wattage to 200 watts in place of a 400 watt and can go to a 400 watt induction in place of the 1000 watt. When you can save 600 watts per fixture, and figure those lights burn all night it can amount to a large savings. We’ve completed projects where the potential savings amount to multiple thousands of dollars per month!