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City of Ukiah & Healdsburg

If you happen to be one of the lucky people (for the sake of this situation) who have central A/C powered by City electric and you also happen to get your heating from natural gas supplied by PG&E, you can take advantage of both rebate programs and have your home’s insulation brought to current levels and your net investment can be very minimal.

City of Ukiah & Healdsburg

The Cities of Ukiah and Healdsburg both have their own electric utility and their own incentives and rebates for energy efficiency. You must have central air conditioning in order to qualify.If you have natural gas heat and central A/C and live in the City, you can use both the City and PG&E rebate programs, resulting in a larger rebate.  No advanced assessment is required, however there is quite a bit of paperwork, so have your contractor assist you with this.

While they have dropped the rebates on a few things, they have added and continue to have rebates for:

  • Blower door assisted air sealing
  • Insulation - Attic and Wall
  • Duct sealing or reinsulation of your ducts and even replacing them (if qualified)
  • Lighting-Commercial
  • Lighting-Residential
  • One-in-three year chance to have your heat pump or A/C unit’s refrigerant charge level checked along with a tune-up
  • Evaporative coolers
  • Heat Pumps (ground source) (New or Existing)
  • Variable speed pool pumps
  • Radiant roof barrier
  • Energy Star Appliances
  • $10.00 rebate for a string of LED Holiday lights.
  • Solar P.V.
  • And More info direct from City of Ukiah


Rebate Applications for City of Ukiah

City of Ukiah Incentives Chart (pictured above)

Lighting Retrofit Program Explained - Commercial

Lighting - Commercial

Heat Pump - Existing

Heat Pump - New Install

Energy Star Appliance

Duct Leakage Test

Duct Sealing Rebate

Lighting - Residential

Pool Pump - Residential

Water Heater