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About Us

Company History

Founded in 1982 as primarily an insulation company, Apperson Energy Management has evolved over the last 30+ years to become a leader in local building performance contracting.  As building standards have changed, energy efficiency measures have become more important, and our understanding of building science has grown, this company continues to be on the cutting edge of home performance.

Jim Apperson~Company Owner

Jim Apperson, Company Owner

Jim started his career in the construction field in 1967 as a laborer installing underground telephone pipelines.  He worked on a variety of projects until 1972 when he opened his own company as a framing subcontractor.  That company was purchased by a large construction company in 1975 and Jim stayed on as job superintendent in charge of as many as 20 simultaneous projects.

In 1982 Jim moved to Northern California and obtained his General Contracting B-1 State license.  The following year he added the C-2 Insulation specialty license, and C-17 Window and Glazing specialty license in 1988.

Jim has not only built custom homes, has performed extensive remodel projects and room addition projects, but he has also continued to operate a thriving insulation and energy management company.

When the first HERS training was available in 1993, Jim was a member of the graduating class.  He has continued his education from there and has a large number of certifications:  HERS II whole house rater from CalCERTS, Building Analyst and Envelope Professional from BPI, Home Performance Energy Star Program, Build it Green Building Professional, and is proud to be one of a select few companies with the designation of Building Performance Contractor as designated by PBC-CEC.

Our Crew

Vince CafferyVince Caffery

Vince is our primary field and sales representative.  He has been involved with the construction industry since moving to Mendocino County in 1989.  He was first employed in 1989 by Apperson Insulation, our founding company and performed direct product installation.  Vince advanced into the sales department during his first six years with the company.  He then obtained his Real Estate License in 1997 and has became involved in the HVAC industry in 2002.  In 2009 Vince obtained his first Core Rater Verification and Diagnostic Testing Certificate as a HERS Rater 1, and has continued his required coursework to maintain this certificate.  He is an active HERS rater through the USERA registry and maintains his own independent company providing duct testing verification services as All About Energy.


Sergio Galarza
Sergio Galarza

With an extensive background in building science and weatherization, Sergio is a valuable asset to the company. Beginning in 1999 Sergio worked for two other direct weatherization companies before starting his career with AEM in 2010.  He brought with him his Blower Door/Combustion Appliance safety Training Program Certificate and continued to advance his education by becoming BPI Analyst and Envelope Professional certified, Weatherization Specialist certified, and NGAT (Natural Gas Appliance Testing) Technician certified.  He continues to take the required courses to maintain these certificates.  Sergio is great in the field, not only performing insulation and weatherization product installation but also as our primary Combustion Appliance Safety testing technician.


Chandra AppersonChandra Apperson

Our newest addition to the company is Chandra who started in August 2014.  She spends most of her time in the office acting as a general manager and support staff for the field.  Chandra has recently become a Certified HERS Rater, as well as BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Professional.  Her prior experience working in the office environment as both a supervisor and staff member, as well as her computer expertise has made her a valuable addition to the staff.  If you call our office the odds are very high that she will be the first person you "meet."